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Your temporary car is just a few clicks away

Premcars was founded in 2021 as a subsidiary of Auto Marti AG. This means that a traditional family business has succeeded in launching something new on the market: the first BMW and MINI subscription in Switzerland. In order to position itself successfully in this growing market at an early stage, it was important to carry out the project as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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Carina Glinik

Senior UX Writer
01 Jan 2022

A webshop for temporary cars? Let's do it!

Auto Marti is not a large corporation, not a tech startup with funding, and did not have an existing online store at the start of the project. Auto Marti is a family business that sells cars. And Auto Marti has many cars. So why not offer the BMWs and MINIs they don't need right now on a subscription basis?

That's when Mindnow came into play. We loved the idea and didn't let a limited budget and a very tight schedule stop us from building a temporary car webshop from scratch.

Custom webshop solution with Django and Next JS

The goal was to create a car catalog where users can filter by the features they want in their desired car, such as model, number of seats, or fuel. A ready-made webshop solution was out of the question for these specific filters. Instead, we used Django to develop a backend that could hold all the necessary data.

Premcars employees can log into a simple admin panel and make adjustments to the cars on offer. In the frontend, a Next JS application pulls the data from the backend. We did it without an automatic checkout. Orders are processed manually after the order process.

Book the desired car online and have it delivered

Due to the tight schedule and limited budget, we had to determine from the beginning what was essential and what was not. The result is the website, where users can find the BMW or MINI they want as quickly as possible.

For initial orientation, a wizard quiz asks six questions about needs and makes suggestions. In the catalog, users can set many more individual filters. Once the dream car has been found, all that remains is to select the desired subscription model and within ten days the BMW or MINI will be delivered to the user's doorstep.

Efficiently implemented with Scrum

Skillful prioritization was required for this project. Within two sprints of two weeks each, our project team of 6 employees created the entire website, including the catalog, wizard, and UX copy. Using the Scrum method, we managed to work as efficiently as possible in the short time available. At the same time, our partner Premcars always had insight into the progress of the project and was able to set its priorities accordingly.

With the Premcars car subscription website, Auto Marti has opened up a promising new business field for itself. Thanks to the detailed elaboration of an entire product backlog, we could pick up on the current status of the product at any time and develop it further – that's the beauty of agile working.

Involved Minds:
Jakob Kaya
Filip Tomic
VP of Engineering
Carina Glinik
Senior UX Writer
Dejan Mircic
Quality Assurance Engineer
Pavlo Sitnyakovsky
Senior Frontend Developer
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