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Motolino – Switzerland's 1st vespa configurator

The Swiss Motolino GmbH is completely dedicated to the Italian cult scooter. In order for the company to continue to grow, it needed a web store that could convince with personality and passion. This is how it happened that customers at Motolino can configure their own individual dream Vespa with an appealing live animation.

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Vadim Kravcenko

01 Jul 2019

Unique customer experience

Even though the 3 Motolino stores in Zurich, Basel, and Sirnach (Switzerland) were well attended, the Vespa dealer realized early on that a good offline store is not enough. Even a web store is not enough to inspire customers. To increase sales in the long term, a unique digital experience was needed.

The Pains and Gains of Vespa Purchasing

First, we set out to find out why customers need a Vespa, what their wants are, and what keeps them from getting them. The Gains and Pains in Vespa Buying should help us with the question of all questions: What can we offer the customer that all other Vespa dealers can't?

Digitally accompanied until payment

When analyzing Motolino's offline business, we found that customers place high value on custom Vespas and services and that buying a Vespa is highly consultative. That's why we developed a multi-step check-out process that allows customers to customize their dream Vespa step by step. At each step, the customer makes an individual selection and can optionally add individual parts and services. The configurator animates the personal favorite Vespa and calculates the price - live with every click.

Animation of the individual dream Vespa

The dynamic Vespa configurator is the perfect complement to the modern and bold look and feel of the Motolino brand. The extensive selection options give the clientele the feeling that their personal wishes are being heard and can be implemented as easily as child's play. Although this type of online shopping does not require a verbal conversation, authentic advice is in no way inferior to a visit to the store.

In addition to providing customers in Switzerland with a unique shopping experience, selling Vespas has also become a breeze for Motolino itself: The data and logic in the configurator are controlled via a panel and are completely in their own hands. Nothing is hard-coded - Motolino can constantly change the configurator and adapt it to the current product range.

Involved Minds:
Vadim Kravcenko
Aleksandar Petrovic
Senior Backend Developer
Bogdan Djukic
Senior Frontend Developer
Ivan Pivarcik
Marijana Andric
Quality Assurance Engineer
Ruslan Greshyshchev
Senior Frontend Developer
Max Kardasevych
UX / UI Designer
Technological innovations are our specialty.
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