Who we are

About our Minds

We are a team of creatives with deep expertise in digital innovation. Our daily routine consists of proactively driving ideas and developing customer experiences.




Our leaders

Mindnow is led by a team of experienced professionals with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation.


Company culture at Mindnow



Minds are not just working for Mindnow but as the core part of Mindnow. That’s why we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve, think big, and take risks. Our entrepreneurial mindset defines how we approach our tasks and collaborate with others. Mutual trust is the key.



We’re doers who believe that actions are louder than words. Did anyone say challenge? We’re in! We Minds are always ready to tackle new problems and are not afraid to fail. Only by realizing new challenges we constantly become better than we were yesterday – as individuals and as a team.



Our culture is defined by quick decision-making. We don't wait for things to happen, we make them happen. With a sense of urgency and decisiveness, backed up by our entrepreneurial mindset and our openness to new challenges, we are rapidly approaching our goals.


Remote first

Even though we have several beautiful offices in different countries, we are still a remote-first company and fully operating in the digital space. It’s deeply rooted in our company culture not to control anyone and to empower people to work where they can best unfold their full potential.


Our milestones

In principle, every day is an opportunity to become better than the day before. But these events have particularly shaped Mindnow.
June 2024

Partnership with Customer.io

Customer.io is a powerful marketing automation platform designed to help businesses engage with their customers through personalized messaging across various channels such as email, SMS, and push notifications.

April 2024

Partnership with PUNKT.AI

Our partner PUNKT.AI is the 360° network agency for innovation, strategy & digital transformation. Together, we help our customers to develop their strategic roadmap on how to use AI sensibly.

February 2024

Office in Basel

Located in the vibrant "iCity ALBA Haus", our Basel office embodies everything we stand for at Mindnow: innovation, collaboration, and community.
November 2023

Partnership with Storyblok

We finished our new website built with Storyblok in terms of our big rebranding project. Our team learnt a lot about this headless CMS and we’re now an official Storyblok partner agency.
October 2023

Partnership with Saleor

We are very proud to be one of only 13 agencies worldwide to be officially supported by Saleor, a pioneer in the field of headless e-commerce platforms based on GraphQL.
May 2023

Best of Swiss Web Award for our 3D configurator

We won the bronze award in the category “Technology” for our innovative 3D bike generator that we built for Thömus.
January 2023

Internal structuring to form a management team

Laura, Sanela, Bodgan, and Filip were promoted and are now an important part of Mindnow’s management team.
June 2022

Office in Catania, Italy

Besides Jean-Paul having a special connection to Sicily, we’re all amazed by the talented and motivated people you can find there. We’re happy about the extra support we get from Devstry Catania.

Exit of our venture Clanq

We had developed the banking app Clanq as an internal project with having in mind that eventually would become something bigger. After 10 months, we were ready for the exit.

Exit of our internal venture pass.me

Our solution pass.me allowed to verify rapid test results digitially. We developed it fast because it was very much needed at that time.
August 2021

Co-working space Zahnradstrasse

Our team grew and people needed a common place to work. Renting desks in a cool co-working space was the right step at that time.
June 2020

Release of the mindful app

Our contact tracing app was released. It became no. 1 in the app charts and was used by hundreds of companies in Switzerland.
May 2020

New Headquarters in Baden

We switched to a smaller, but very nice new Headquarters location in the heart of Baden’s pedestrian zone.

Team in Ukraine

We got additional support for design, development, and QA – an important step for Mindnow becoming more professional.

Office in Belgrade, Serbia

A bunch of amazing developers joined our team. This was the first step for Mindnow to shift the focus from marketing to technology.

Foundation of Mindnow in Zurich

Jean-Paul and Jakob co-founded Mindnow in Zurich. It was originally an agency for digital marketing with an office located in Okenstrasse.


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