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The QR code that makes test results digital

Making the result of a COVID rapid test performed at home verifiable for others – the digital module makes it possible. It provided a great service during the pandemic.

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Jean-Paul Saija

01 Sept 2020

Each test kit is unique and identifiable: thanks to the QR code from This makes it traceable whether a test result is positive or negative as well as when exactly the test was performed. In the app or the corresponding web solution, the test result is generated as a QR code and can thus be scanned, e.g. at the entrance to events. The user's personal data is only stored locally on the user's own device and is never transferred to an external server.

A digital solution for the countless COVID self-tests available on the market was not only an important step in the fight against the pandemic, but also a key tool for business. With, visitors to events, restaurants, and hotels, as well as airline passengers, could check in easily with digitized and verified rapid tests. As a result, was very well received in a wide range of industries. Unlike conventional tests, which require each individual to be authenticated by a specialist, was able to cope with the rush of visitors at events.

Suitable for test kits of all kinds is a Software as a Service based on the Hybrid Rapid Test Framework (HRTF), which we developed ourselves. Via an API, the framework can connect to any app or website. The QR codes of can be added by any manufacturer to any physical test kit, for example by an imprint or sticker.


Involved Minds:
Dejan Mircic
Middle QA Engineer
Dragomir Ilic
Quality Assurance Engineer
Jean-Paul Saija
Jakob Kaya
Ruslan Botnar
Frontend Developer
Vadim Kravcenko