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Mindful – the contact tracing app by Mindnow

Our specially developed check-in app Mindful meant an end to handwritten notes for Swiss companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. All it takes for Mindful is a mobile device. We provided the basic version of the app free of charge and thus actively helped to contain the pandemic in Switzerland.


Jean-Paul Saija


Data collection brings challenges

As of May 11, 2020, catering establishments were required to record the contact information of their guests. In this way, the Swiss FOPH wanted to contact affected individuals in cases of suspected possible infection and contain the spread of COVID-19.

However, the protective measures also brought problems: First, according to data protection, guests cannot be forced to provide their contact details. Second, data collection was a major expense for the hospitality industry.

Digital check-in solution

We wanted to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. With the reopening of the catering businesses in May 2020, we had the idea to develop a digital check-in solution. To make this ready for use across the country, it had to be free, easy to use, and FOPH and data protection compliant. Time was of the essence, as many restaurants and cafes had already reopened their doors. Within just one week, we wanted to be on the market with our solution.

Contact tracing via QR code

In close consultation with the FOPH and in compliance with data protection requirements, we developed an app. Mindful was a game-changer and made contact tracing a breeze - for operators and guests alike. Now, without registration or contact details, guests could use the app to scan a QR code attached to the table - done! Guests only had to agree that, if the worst came to the worst, push messages could be sent to the smartphone or tablet they were using for 14 days.

Universally applicable to all industries

The Mindful app is designed so that other industries can benefit from this type of data collection if needed. The backend can be easily and quickly customized and offers a universal solution to contact users without providing personal data. Check-in is done via a QR code and check-out also works with just one click. After 14 days, the entries are automatically deleted completely.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mindful was the most widely used contact tracing app in Switzerland.

Jean-Paul Saija
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