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Global Card's online platform

Global Card is an independent business unit of Cornèrcard, which is part of the Swiss Cornèr Bank group founded in 1952. The unit offers credit cards as a service to financial intermediaries in 17 countries. As a result, Global Card enables other banks, fiduciaries, and insurance companies to offer credit cards to customers without having their own card center. We have created a digital platform for Global Card to manage business processes more efficiently and get rid of manual processes almost completely.

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Carina Glinik

Senior UX Writer
01 Nov 2021

Manual work caused high costs

Cornèr Bank has always been a pioneer in banking matters. Vittorio Cornaro Senior, for example, was responsible for being the first banking institution to bring the Visa card to Switzerland with Cornèr Bank in 1975. In 1998, Cornèr Bank introduced the Mastercard, and in 2017 again became the first banking institution to introduce payment with Apple Pay.

Global Card is also part of this innovative tradition. It's a great service that is used extensively around the globe. The difficulty now was the manual and mostly also an analog way of working. Making deals was long and complicated - and caused unnecessary costs. Digitizing this was a mammoth task in view of the complex regulations in the various countries.

The goal: digital, dynamic, and automated

The initial situation was extremely complex. We were faced with the task of putting Global Card's existing processes through their paces, finding ways to optimize them, and digitizing the business. Deal processing had to be dynamic and automated. The various sets of rules in the different countries and the specific product range had to be taken into account.


Customized all-in-one solution

We developed an all-in-one solution that allows Global Card to manage all business activities related to card issuance on a single online platform - internationally and in 4 languages. The same dashboard as product management is also used for offer management. Offers are thus fed directly into a presentation for customers.

Our masterpiece, however, is the application management: All application forms are now automatically generated based on the respective company and offer data. For this purpose, we have checked all forms down to the last detail and broken them down into individual parts. These are individually reassembled according to the respective requirements of each application, making 47 trillion(!) combinations possible.

Attribute logic for more flexibility

We managed to completely break down Global Card's complex application process, which had been building up over years, within two months and to fully digitize it in the further process. With the attribute logic we developed, forms can now be generated automatically and according to individual customer requirements. This gives Global Card the maximum possible flexibility in product, offer, and application management and saves many costs.

Involved Minds:
Vadim Kravcenko
Carina Felsberger
Senior UX Writer
Dragomir Ilic
Quality Assurance Engineer
Ruslan Greshyshchev
Senior Frontend Developer