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The fundraising app fundoo

Fundoo was founded in 2018 with the aim of simplifying manual processes for sponsored runs and fundraising events. Mindnow has developed a digital solution for this purpose, which makes the process uncomplicated and paperless.

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Vadim Kravcenko

01 Jun 2022

Visionary step towards digitization

When fundoo asked us to design an app, a website and a backend through which athletes could register their runs were already in place. However, the entire service was web-based and not particularly flexible. Therefore, fundoo decided to take the next step towards digitalization together with us.

Innovative solution with GPS tracking

The plan was to develop an all-in-one solution for tracking via GPS and registration of fundraising runs. This was the first time our team had dealt with a project involving GPS tracking, which is why we encountered a few challenges. The most difficult aspect was calculating the running distance while the app is closed. However, by adjusting the algorithm, we quickly found a solution. So through the app, athletes can either track or manually register their run, invite and manage new sponsors, upload photos, and more.

Precise measurement of distance

fundoo already had a backend solution, so we decided to use that and just add the frontend. The app was developed with Flutter for cross-platform use for iOS and Android. To overcome the GPS challenge, we used geofencing as well as pedometer and GPS-based distance counting. This improved the accuracy by quite a bit.

Donation is just a click away

We created the perfect all-in-one solution for fundoo. GPS fitness tracker, a user-friendly sponsor management system, and some cool additional features like a photo gallery are combined in one app. If you had to enter distances manually before, now a simple click on “Start tracking” is enough. Then you can fully concentrate on running and start collecting donations!

Involved Minds:
Vadim Kravcenko
Dragana Deretic
Senior Frontend Developer
Dragomir Ilic
Quality Assurance Engineer
Jakob Kaya
Oleg Chapchai
UX / UI Designer