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Generate arguments with the Argumentator web app

Our partner furrerhugi helps political campaigns with new ideas and wanted to make collected arguments available. But a classic website was out of the question for the agency, which specializes in public affairs and public relations.

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Jakob Kaya

01 Mar 2021

How do you combine individual user experience with business requirements? A custom user experience was needed that would be usable for both existing and future campaigns. The targeted duration from development to market launch: 1 month.

Many arguments and different aspects

Political campaigns always target a broad audience. However, the main arguments for or against a political action are different for each individual. In the campaign “No to the Limitation Initiative,” furrerhugi had gathered more than 2'000 arguments with many different legal, economic, and social aspects against the initiative. How could these arguments be prepared in a targeted way for different interests?

Web application for customized arguments

The goal was to make customized arguments available to users. A web application would help users to credibly support their point of view with arguments that fit their concerns. With a focus on user experience, the solution should be applicable to a variety of different individuals.

At the same time, we wanted the product to be flexible and dynamic so that our partner furrerhugi could adapt and reuse it for future campaigns.


Experienced sprint team developed the solution

We developed the solution approach in a cross-company workshop. After our product owner had created the backlog, a small but experienced sprint team got started immediately. We used React for the frontend and Python Django for the backend of the web application. We created the admin panel, a custom dashboard to implement data, using Custom React.

“Supposedly worlds or at least methodologies collide – classic public affairs and PR on the one hand, innovative digital solution development on the other hand. But at Mindnow we always meet people who immediately develop cool projects together with us with empathy and collegiality.”
Lorenz Furrer, Managing Partner furrerhugi

Digitization in action

Instead of simply displaying classic arguments on a website, we created a system that can be used dynamically for every campaign and every topic. For furrerhugi, this is a gamechanger. For users, it's pure individualization. For us, it's a perfect example of how to find the interfaces between business requirements and user needs.

Curious now? Try out the web app and get customized arguments at

Involved Minds:
Aleksandar Petrovic
Senior Backend Developer
Bogdan Djukic
Senior Frontend Developer
Jakob Kaya
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