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Dermalogica's offline-first webshop

The skincare brand Dermalogica sells products in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to its successful offline business, the professional cosmetics manufacturer gained another competitive advantage in Switzerland with its new web store. The technology platform convinces with sophisticated UX and UI design, a strong focus on usability, and optimized performance.

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Jakob Kaya

01 Jun 2021

Image of the offline business

Dermalogica was already a recognized brand with high turnover retail outlets in Switzerland, but its online presence was not optimal. The website was built on outdated technology and was a mere reflection of the brick-and-mortar business. Navigating through the web store was difficult for users, and the lack of clear conversion funnels made insightful tracking nearly impossible.

Professional look

There were several challenges to overcome. The goal was to transform into a future-oriented technology platform. The new web store was to set new standards and, much like the cosmetic products on offer themselves, contain only the best. The professional, yet fresh and young look of the brand was to be carried through everywhere and underpin the expert status via a clean design - and ultimately increase online sales.

Progressive Web App

Given these challenges, a plug-and-play solution was not an option. Instead, we decided to build a PWA (Progressive Web App). We decided to separate the backend and frontend and implement an offline-first approach. To do this, we worked with the open-source Saleor framework, as we had already had good experience with it in similar e-commerce projects.

More conversions and sales

To optimize performance, we integrated product recommendations on every page of the new webshop. These include the best-selling products (continuously updated), hidden treasures with special staging, and individual recommendations based on the principle “You might also like this”.

By clearly presenting the products on both the category and detail pages, the USPs became visible. To do this, we placed elements such as CTAs above the fold, regardless of the screen size.

Users could now not only better see the added value of the respective products, but also navigate more easily through the entire webshop – which was clearly reflected in Dermalogica's conversion rate and sales figures: 83.5 % more sales compared to the previous year, 78 % more transactions per month and a 3.4 % higher conversion rate compared to the industry average.

Involved Minds:
Jakob Kaya
Vadim Kravcenko
Aleksandar Petrovic
Senior Backend Developer
Bogdan Djukic
Senior Frontend Developer
Marijana Andric
Quality Assurance Engineer
Ruslan Greshyshchev
Senior Frontend Developer
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