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The family banking app Clanq

Our spin-off Clanq helps parents make sustainable provisions for their children's future with a financial app. The combination of cashback, savings goals, and the support of the entire family clan ensures that the virtual piggy bank is always full.

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Carina Glinik

Senior UX Writer
01 Sept 2022

From the idea to the developed app

Saving is often difficult for parents

It started in 2021. Data showed that 60 % of families in Germany have difficulty actively saving money for their children's future. A banking app specifically for parents was designed to help them.

We set ourselves a high goal: within just 8.5 months, we wanted to fill this gap in the market with an MVP. So we formed a team and got started!

30 % more savings potential through a simple mobile solution

Parents are busy people. They need a simple solution to manage their finances. Clanq should therefore become a mobile finance app that is easy to use. In addition, it should also make saving easier in itself: With a combination of engaging the entire family clan, cashback on every purchase, and sustainable investments, families should be able to save up to 30 % more over 18 years without any effort.

All functions in one app

We succeeded in implementing this idea and it makes Clanq unique: The app combines everything families need to manage their money matters. With a single app, the whole family clan can pay into a digital piggy bank. Those who pay with Clanq automatically collect cashback for the children's account. In addition, families can make sustainable investments. All the app's functions are tailored specifically to the needs of families.

The fintech Clanq has been on the market in Germany since early 2022. Main users, usually parents, receive a Visa debit card with an associated bank account. In addition, they can create up to 5 children's accounts where savings contributions from cashback, savings rules, and cash gifts from the family clan are saved. More information on

Excellent teamwork made it possible

Time-to-market of only 8.5 months

Mindnow lined up an already-established team of UX designers and developers to create the app. The process was smooth as everyone was highly motivated to add value to families. It was largely due to the excellent teamwork that the app’s MVP was launched with outstanding quality of service, stability, and infrastructure – and actually in just 8.5 months.

"Creating something new with impact has driven the already highly motivated team to do even better. This spirit is also felt by our customers, as we implement feedback very quickly for the best customer value."
Christina Hammer, CMO Clanq

Exit 2021, collaboration to date

The development of Clanq's MVP by a team from Mindnow took a total of 14 months. In April 2021, Clanq AG was founded as a separate company. The fact that, in addition to Christina Hammer, our Mind Jakob Kaya is also a co-founder of Clanq AG is of course no coincidence. Mindnow and Clanq still work closely together today. Mainly virtually, even if we share a common office in Zurich.

On the way to becoming number 1 for family finances

Clanq wants to become the number 1 financial app for families. The goal is to make parents and those who want to become parents aware of the topic of financial security for their children and to show them how the app can help them save.

Involved Minds:
Jakob Kaya
Co-CEOInvolved as:Co-Founder & CPO
Jean-Paul Saija
Co-CEOInvolved as:COB & CEO
Carina Felsberger
Senior UX WriterInvolved as:UX Writer and Editor
Vadim Kravcenko
Adam Bogdanovic
Senior Backend Developer
Djordje Mancic
Mobile Developer
Maja Tabakovic
Mobile Developer
Marijana Andric
Quality Assurance Engineer
Ruslan Greshyshchev
Senior Frontend Developer
Patrycja Habarta
Senior UX Designer
Pavlo Sitnyakovsky
Senior Full-Stack Developer