Projects • BSI Business Systems Integrations, Be Involved, and the BSI website

BSI, headquartered in Baden, is completely dedicated to the customer experience. BSI's CRM is one of the leading omnichannel platforms with many well-known customers far beyond the Swiss borders. Mindnow developed the BSI website, the news platform, and the customer platform Be Involved.

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Jakob Kaya

01 Mar 2022

Multiple projects and great collaboration

Software lover and customer enthusiast? We can confirm that to BSI through and through! During the intensive collaboration on our projects, we were able to get to know some team members better. We first developed the platform in a very short time and then integrated it into the main website after a major relaunch. Both the result and the way to get there are worth seeing!

BSI Live Platform – agile project realization par excellence

BSI is a big player in the software industry. In order to keep its clientele up to date, it needed a solution for publishing current news. The company website was not designed for short-term content at that time. Our goal was to develop the new news platform as quickly as possible, regardless of the upcoming relaunch, and to merge it with the main website after an extremely short time-to-market.

Business Systems Integrations AG (BSI) is a leading software company. Founded in 1996, BSI now has 8 locations in Switzerland and Germany. The product BSI Customer Suite offers a modern platform for digital customer relationship management. Further information:

From concept to go-live in record time

In fact, we made it from the product concept to the go-live of the news platform in just 10 days. In that short time, we designed a custom front-end, modified the existing WordPress instance, and implemented a social media scraper.

Why so fast? The earlier a digital product is to market, the faster we can learn from it. The lessons learned from provided us with important information for the subsequent relaunch of the company's website.

“It's wonderful to implement ideas and visions with Mindnow. Immediately they are ready as sparring partners, pick up ideas, improve them - and implement them cleanly. Extra efforts seem natural. Sensational!”
Zeno Hug, Sales Manager BSI

Relaunch with Headless CMS

The BSI website should set new standards and be groundbreaking for the future, both with the frontend and the backend. After all, BSI is all about winning customers' hearts - and this should be reflected in its own web presence.

Naturally, the choice fell on a headless CMS: Here, the backend data is structured and completely decoupled from the layout. The visual appearance of the page lies solely with the frontend – which opens up many possibilities for creative design.

The BSI Customer Suite at the center of the front end

The design of the new website conveys BSI's values with its icons, illustrations, auras, and animations. A cube as a central element on the front page brings users closer to the different products and facilitates navigation.

Trendsetting solution with Wagtail and NEXT.js

But the site is not only visually impressive: With the CMS Wagtail, we put together a complete package that meets all of BSI's technological requirements. With its frontend in NEXT.js, the new BSI website now ranks alongside international giants like Twitch, Netflix, and GitHub. Thanks to NEXT.js prerendering, Redis cache, and an NGINX server on AWS infrastructure, the site also achieves extremely fast loading times.

Section by Kaja Fuchs


From manual customer surveys to a sophisticated platform

When customer experience is paramount, customer feedback plays a central role. After the successful relaunch, we also developed a flexible communication concept for customer feedback.

The digital idea board with social media flair

How can you improve a sequential process and offer customers individual, industry-specific support? Our plan: our own software that functions like an idea board after login.

As with social media, customers of Be Involved can leave their feedback in the form of posts on the platform. It is also possible to like and comment on suggestions from others.

The digital idea board offers BSI CX's customer service team the opportunity to respond to needs in an efficient and customer-oriented manner - simply via a single digital communication platform. This brings benefits for both sides, BSI itself and its customers.

Section by Kaja Fuchs

Involved Minds:
Jakob Kaya
Kaja Fuchs
Junior Product Owner
Lyle Peterer
UX Project Manager
Laura Antonietti
Aleksandar Petrovic
Senior Backend Developer
Bogdan Djukic
Senior Frontend Developer
Carina Felsberger
Senior UX Writer
Dejan Mircic
Middle QA Engineer
Dima Spodeniuk
Frontend Developer
Filip Tomic
VP of Engineering
Marijana Andric
Quality Assurance Engineer
Dragomir Ilic
Quality Assurance Engineer
Marko Martonosi
Senior Backend Developer
Oleksandr Chernetskyi
Senior Frontend Developer
Vadim Kravcenko
Fedor Kiryakov
UX / UI Designer
Oleg Chapchai
UX / UI Designer
Ruslan Botnar
Frontend Developer