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Our goal is to provide more than Marketing

We bring you expertise, reduced workload and the promise to build a new world for your brand.

Our Solutions

Paid Advertising

We reach your target group right away with the help of Adwords, Facebook Ads & Co.

The best way to success

  • Leads & Sales from the first day with Adwords, Facebook Advertising & Co.
  • Easy tracking and transparency
  • Demographic information about the market
  • Reliable customer acquisition

Content Marketing

Great Content Marketing makes you an opinion leader in your field.

Perpetuate your brand

  • Generate more Leads & Sales
  • Become an opinion leader in your field
  • Connect with your audience and awake their interest in Blogs, Newsletter and eBooks…
  • Lasting and inexpensive Sales & Traffic Sources

Social Media Marketing

Let your customers experience your brand in a new way.

Keep your customers informed

  • Connect with your audience via Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat & Co.
  • Get feedback from your community right away
  • Build trust and stay top of mind

Advertising is a pleasure – if it generates value

We generate high-value content for consumers and keep them listening.

Discover why you’ll love working with MindNow

MindNow Marketing why you want us
  • You work with a team that understands your company and loves what you do
  • Straight to the point: Focus on measurable marketing channels & valuable advice
  • You have access to our work whenever you like
  • No commitment, you work with us as long as our mutual love lasts
  • We advertise your brand exactly in the same way we advertise ours
  • MindNow exclusively works with responsible brands

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