mindnow is convinced that great things can only be created with the right systems and lean approaches. That’s why we live by a clear corporate code which is reflected in our manifesto. Since market environments are changing faster and faster, it is not expedient for our customers to manage static processes. That is why we attach great importance to absolute agility. All our processes mirror exactly that. Let us create great things.


The goal of our agile approach is to create a flexible digital strategy model. The essential parameters are adapted to the results of previous measures in a continuous process. Digitalization must be comprehensible and productive. New insights must be integrated into the future strategy, old ideas must be checked for their effectiveness and adapted.

Design Workshop Low-Level Requirements Advance Workshop Build Launch Align


Adaptation & Integration: We create a precise profile of goals and requirements and put together a cross-channel strategy.


Strategy & Planning: Together we discuss the first measures and identify low hanging fruits to tackle the first results.


Iteration: We work our way through the jointly defined tasks. The projects are created on the basis of the given strategy.


Go Live: From now on we have to be serious. The planning is followed by action. We deliver measurable results.


Level-Up: We constantly sit down and discuss new goals and requirements, changes in the market and decide on appropriate measures.


We want to know all about you and your business – on all levels of your organization. And your target audience. We want to know them better than you already did because we are going to step up your game. Together. To make this happen we’ll meet, get excited, listen carefully, say the right things and definitely some wrong things. Share our experiences, make assumptions, point those out, learn and slowly become the target audience ourselves.

Which option is best for our client? - We ask ourselves this question every time we make a decision. Everyone with us works in the interests of the customer at all times. We are therefore open to knowledge transfer and offer full transparency in our work. Being proud of the work that we do is something that we stand by.

Okay, admittedly we like trends. But what does that mean today? Today a trend is mainstream. We constantly try to find what’s going to be a trend tomorrow. Beautiful designs, maximum flexibility, maximum efficiency, and transparent pricing. That's what we measure ourselves against.

Our Mission
Our Promise
Our Philosophy


As we grow as a digital startup, it has become increasingly important to explicitly define the core values of the mindnow identity. Who are we?  What are our goals? What can we change? We believe that companies have a certain responsibility towards people, society and nature. That is why we want to break new ground with mindnow. These are the core values we live by day by day: