Our new office on the island – where the treasures await

If you ask me why I love to work for Mindnow, one of the first reasons is the multicultural environment. Our colleagues come from several different countries. Teammates with diverse mentalities who share the same vision make you always strive for more. The fact that we often don’t share the same opinion is what brings a lot of creativity to the table.

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Sanela Radivojevic

Head of HR
4 min read11 Apr 2023

With our newest office which opened last summer, our team becomes even more diverse. It’s located in Catania, where you’ll meet our Italian Minds who are thoroughly hospitable and do their best for guests to feel at ease.

Good food brings people together

Once you visit the island of Sicily, you’ll see how open people generally are. Sometimes when walking on the street, you might think they are fighting, but no. That’s just how the Italian mentality is – noisy, but very friendly. 

Besides great people, Sicily offers breathtaking nature where you feel summer vibes almost the entire year. What else could one wish for? Oh, yes … Food, uh, not to talk about that. Delicious pasta for sure contributes to connecting people! You have to love it!

Hiring talents in Sicily – an exciting adventure

The reason Mindnow decided to open an office in Sicily is that there is a lot of unexplored human potential: people who are talented, ambitious, and hungry for success (not only for pasta).

Many people from Sicily are moving to the North of Italy for work. Many of them would love to come back to the island but need a secure job with the recognition and pay they deserve. So we thought, let’s make it happen. When doing job interviews, a sentence that I heard very often was: “Finally, someone who is investing here!” Local people were happy for this new opportunity in Sicily. That confirmed to me that we’d be on the right path.

On our journey to a new office location, we realized how beneficial it really is to us as a company to hire in Sicily. People bring a lot of knowledge, motivation and team spirit. We started hiring slowly but with full power and enthusiasm. I’m sure we made the right choices with the first people we hired in Catania. Our new colleagues perfectly fit Mindnow’s culture: open, straightforward and highly motivated to learn and grow.

An office with workation opportunities

Can you imagine a combination between the Italian lifestyle and the Swiss way of working? In Catania, you can experience this exciting mix up close.

Our new office is big and bright, ideal not only for our colleagues on site but also for those who like to go on workation – one of our favorite benefits. The location offers not only a modern workplace and hostile colleagues but also cozy rooms to sleep in.

We live in the era of remote and hybrid work, which probably won’t change, at least not at Mindnow. That doesn’t stop us from connecting, talking face to face, sharing some private moments, working in the same room and having fun together.

Here you can read more about How to communicate effectively with remote teams.

One of the bedrooms at our office in Catania

Future outlook: More hires!

In the future, we plan to hire more energetic IT talents, especially students and recent graduates. To reach this goal, we also collaborate well with the universities in Sicily. We’re looking for inspiring people who are passionate about developing digital products, who are adaptable to changes and not afraid to try something new.

In these few months that we’ve been in the Italian market for IT talents, we realized that Catania offers quite some treasures and has the potential to become a big thing. Our new office is a great addition to our other sites and we’re looking forward to welcoming more new colleagues very soon.

Does that sound interesting to you? Find out more about our office on the island on devstry.io
Sanela Radivojevic·Head of HR
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