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Januar 18

How to communicate effectively with remote teams

The last two years were pretty challenging for everyone, whether you just started a new business, you stayed without a job, or you had to balance between a kindergarten and an office space. People around the world were worried about their health, their loved ones, not knowing if their job is stable anymore or what news we will hear next.

During this time, one of my main responsibilities as an HR manager has been to make sure my colleagues have everything they need and feel safe as much as possible under these circumstances. Sometimes I wish I could have been at every location where my team works, so I could see their facial expressions, or feel the energy. I believe it would have been much easier to handle the situation. But since people at mindnow work from different locations that is impossible. Especially during a global pandemic.

The work that we do is creative and it takes more than one person to act, talk, make decisions. We share the knowledge amongst ourselves, we let everyone say their own opinion, and we believe that every team member is valuable and here for a reason. With all this being said, we started creating an honest and open atmosphere by encouraging people to talk more. In mindnow, every vote counts. It’s not that important how much experience you have as long as you think you can be helpful.

15 new people in half a year required a structured and step-by-step onboarding

mindnow is a multinational and multi-talented company that is operating in four countries, with a tendency to spread across even more places this year. Since we are not physically in one place we got used to staying online and we did a pretty good job even before the pandemic. However, with more than 15 new colleagues in half a year, we were challenged to keep the communication going smoothly, cutting unnecessary meetings and leaving our teammates to organize their time the best they could. The onboarding had to be structured, not so intensive, but also interesting, and step-by-step. The point was not to make our starters overwhelmed at the very beginning, rather make their first few days most memorable and eventful.

Supportive working atmosphere in the Belgrade office.
Supportive working atmosphere in the Belgrade office

Ideas, solutions and proactivity welcome

Our communication is based on trust, in the first place. That means you are not just a simple coder/writer/designer who gets the task and the time to finish it. Quite the opposite: You are the one who is encouraged to speak up, to bring your ideas to the table, to be proactive, and to try to find a possible solution to a problem. The worst thing that can happen is that your idea will be valued but not put into practice (yet).

We are investing time and energy into healthy communication, which results in increased productivity and building self-confidence in the team. Our great communicators are not only able to speak to people but to empower them to speak to each other. mindnow uses different platforms where we share our thoughts or leave feedback regarding any current topic, completely anonymously. And based on the answers we decide which way we should go, or which idea is going to be supported. Also, we were part of a leadership course where topics were not technically related. We have learned what active listening is, why empathy is so important for business and what is the power of effective communication. In those meetings, rule number one was to break the stage fright in the first place and to keep everyone involved. What was also very important was the fact that this way our team got to know each other better personally, not just from a technical perspective.

Avoid confusion and create accountability by asking questions

Have you ever been in a situation where you got a task which you didn’t understand quite well? And what did you do? Here, we remind and encourage people to ask what is not clear to avoid confusion and create accountability. We are making an atmosphere where you treat mindnow like it’s your own company, and where you are not afraid to take responsibility for your actions and to make your voice heard. If you have a sense of ownership and you are supported by your colleagues and management, you feel powerful, self-confident and often you dare to do something you have never tried before. This way you show others that you can be trusted, even when the job is serious.

If you think that at the moment you miss more decision-making freedom, if it bothers you having somebody breathing down your neck, or if you are curious to try something new, you might find our company a good place to work. Also, if you have attractive projects and need a team that knows how to communicate effectively to bring them to life, think about us.

Would you like to work with us? We are still growing and happy to get in touch with talented people who are hungry for new challenges.

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