Digital Agency

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  • - Transformation of business processes
  • - New ways to communicate with your clients
  • - Improve your existing product
  • - Holistic digital communication concepts
  • - Audit current contracts and setups
  • - Solutions for weak spots in your value chain

Digital Strategy

All successful campaigns and activities are based on solid, holistic strategies. The mindnow team uses its expertise, creativity and networked thinking to work with you to design and develop targeted measures for your brand or company. The following skills are the foundation for your success.


Strategic planning, development & management of digital omnichannel campaigns to drive engagement, conversion, traffic or revenue.


Developing new future proof loyalty concepts for your brand.

Growth Hacking

We're finding new models for the growth of your company by refining your products and adjusting its growth-specific factors.

User Journey

Challenging and optimizing the way your customer touches your business and how he interacts.


  • - Customer Loyalty
  • - Engagement
  • - Brand Awareness
  • - Sales
  • - Customer Evangelism
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Upsell / Cross-sell

Digital Marketing

We take full responsibility of your digital marketing and guide your target group through a targeted marketing funnel. We distribute the right content in the ideal combination of paid, own and earned digital channels. We deliver measurable results and make data-driven decisions. With our transparent and customer-oriented full spectrum skills we can offer a digital solution for all demands.


Be found and get into the top results through targeted search engine optimization.

Pay per Click

Reach new heights with targeted PPC campaigns on social media, Google Ads, display and more.


Data is the oil of the future. Harness the power of your data


Creating the right content for each channel and target audience with a single goal: to make a meaningful, measurable impact on your business.

Still King

Either through Video, Motion Graphics, Blog or E-Mail, we create high-quality content that increases engagement and awareness of your audience.


Content Strategy, Content Creation, Motion Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design: we combine all our skills with the aim of developing a personal connection with your target consumers.

Driver of success

Even the best content is useless if no one sees it. We get your content in front of the right people.

Social Media

Strengthen your customer loyalty and enhance your brand image by building a community on social media.

Be present

We help you to determine the best distribution channels for your audiences: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, XING, Reddit, Quora… be there where your audience is interacting online.

Watch your Image

Before making a decision, your customers will take a look at your social networks. We optimize your social media profiles and update them with relevant content that will build your brand’s authority and trust.

Encourage Engagement

We use social networks to interact directly and in real time with your community, to stay active, reply to interactions and ask for opinions in a way that’s appropriate to your brand, which results in enhanced customer satisfaction, more traffic to your site and increased sales.


  • - Drive Sales by releasing state of the art Apps
  • - Improve customer loyalty
  • - Automate and improve legacy processes

Digital Design

We see technology as a core value of business, regardless of your audience, size and field of work. Whether you require UX or digital products we use the power of state of the art technologies to deliver high quality custom solutions that will best suit your business needs.

Web & Mobile Applications

We deliver tailored experiences with latest technologies.


We work closely together with you in 2 week sprints to iteratively deliver an ever-evolving prototype until it works as you desire.


We build mobile applications with cross-platform technologies to allow us faster development and deliver results with shorter deadlines.

Product Owner

We have a dedicated manager for each project who tracks that all your needs are met and all your suggestions are integrated.

Automation & Integration

We not only solve your problems, but also connect & automate your solutions to improve the business flow.

Legacy Processes

We take a hard look at your legacy systems to identify the potential gains from digitalisation and if necessary we automate them.

Heterogeneous Data

We combine all the data from different sources into one system to improve the data flow in your company and move towards Data Driven decisions.

Custom eCommerce Solutions

We build custom eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes - from a simple shop to national retail chain.

Latest technologies

We work with latest frameworks to allow the usage of the latest trends like offline browsing and progressive web applications.

Beautiful Dashboards

To track all the important KPIs we build custom dashboards that allow easy overview of the shop business.


Crafting great user experience through data & content analysis.

Step backwards

We take a step backwards and take a look at the bigger picture of the whole customer journey to design the best possible user experience.

From whiteboard to prototype

We work closely with you from the whiteboard mockups up to the interactive prototype to make sure the design is on point.