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Oktober 16

TikTok Ads – How to reach Generation Z

The TikTok app seems to have exploded out of nowhere and has become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. The trend has long since reached Switzerland, especially Generation Z which uses the platform on a daily basis. While in other countries ads can be booked on TikTok, Swiss companies still have to be patient. But one thing is clear: The release is imminent and the First Mover Advantage should not be missed. But how do you place TikTok ads in Switzerland?

A video says more than 1000 pictures

To answer this question, one must first understand how TikTok differs from Instagram and other popular social networks. The focus of TikTok is on creating short videos. These are usually up to 15 seconds long, but can also have a maximum length of 60 seconds. The upload of pictures, as for example with Instagram, is not possible. Although Instagram also has the Story feature, TikTok offers almost unlimited creative possibilities for creating and editing short videos. Especially the young target group attaches great importance to giving self-created videos an individual touch with texts, filters, music and all kinds of effects.

But how can companies and brands use TikTok? Basically, they can also create a profile on TikTok and fill it with their own videos. However, this is very time-consuming and not necessarily successful. 

It’s a little easier to do this by paying influencers who include a brand or product in their videos. It is important to give the influencers enough freedom to produce creative and spontaneous videos, which then have a chance to go viral. However, it is difficult to measure the success of a campaign, as it is not possible to include a link or call-to-action.

Advertising on TikTok

Probably the most efficient way for a company to advertise on TikTok are TikTok Ads. Similar to Google and Facebook, you pay for the distribution of your advertising on the platform. There are four different types of ads on TikTok:

1) Brand Takeover

The Brand Takeover is an advertisement that is displayed in full screen mode when a user opens TikTok. It can be either a three to five second GIF or video or even just an image. By filling the entire screen, the user’s full attention is drawn to the ad. This format is therefore perfectly suited to generate a high level of attention for a brand.



2) In-Feed Video

The In-Feed Video can be compared to an Instagram Story Ad: For up to 15 seconds and with sound, the ad is displayed to users in the feed when they switch videos. In-Feed videos are therefore often used to attract attention and to redirect the user to a target page through a call-to-action.



3) Hashtag Challenge

In the „Discover“ tab of TikTok you can find the most popular Hashtag Challenges, from which users can be inspired for new videos. The creation of such a challenge is free, but it is not easy to achieve any significant virality. That’s why TikTok also offers the possibility to pay for promoting a hashtag challenge. The challenge will then be displayed on the „Discover“ tab for six days and thus receives a high reach. The Hashtag Challenge can also be combined with the Brand Takeover or In-Feed Videos, for example, to further increase visibility.



4) Branded Lenses

What the AR filters are on Instagram and Snapchat is called Branded Lenses on TikTok. These offer users animated objects, face filters, and more for creative expression as they record video. A well-designed Branded Lense can lead to a high level of user interaction with a brand. The creation of a branded lens can also be combined with a Hashtag Challenge to make the lens known to users.



So these four possibilities exist for successful advertising on TikTok for a young target group. Even if companies in Switzerland have not yet the opportunity to place these advertisements themselves, it is an advantage to get to know the platform early on and plan possible marketing activities. As soon as the TikTok Ads Manager is available in Switzerland, especially companies that want to address a very young target group should use TikTok as an advertising platform.

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