Valora AG

Technologies used

Python, Docker, Angular 5, AWS

1-3 Weeks

Strategy & Concept, Video Production, Product Ownership, Mobile-first Web application, Dashboard, RESTful API

Interactive Live Quiz Campaign

We created and executed a live streaming quiz game “WerWeiss?” for our Partner – Valora AG. The live shows were running during the half-times of FIFA World Cup 18. Users were competing for prizes with an interactive question and answer system. The synergy of video production and software development resulted in an amazing result at the end.


We at mindnow always look for new trends in different markets, it is important for us to stay ahead of the curve in everything relating to loyalty. We noticed that HQ Trivia was gaining a lot of traction in the U.S., with a growth from 0 to 5 million active players in only 5 months. This was something innovative, which we thought could be used to gain new clients and increase brand awareness for one of our biggest partner at that time, Valora.


This project came to life as a collaboration between mindnow, Valora and Hackerbay. Valora AG decided that they wanted an app similar to “HQ Trivia” until the start of the FIFA World Championships, so the quiz could go live during the half-times. The idea was to increase the number of app downloads and active users.

Some of the challenges that we had to solve include the implementation of live-video streaming, the in-house video production and the bonus game (after the player loses). As we were on a very tight schedule and developing an in-house streaming solution was not possible, it was decided to use YouTube as the streaming platform.


The video production and the content synchronization were the most crucial points during the execution. The live streaming had at least a 2-3 second delay, so the host had to read the questions with precise timing, otherwise the questions would disappear before the host finished reading the answers. This was tested multiple times with different time intervals to get the best possible user experience.

During the implementation of the application it was important to keep in mind the new GDPR law that was about to be released, so all the processes needed to be properly audited and reviewed before going live. When designing the betting game that came after the player lost in the live quiz, it was important to allow the user to bet on the outcome of the currently running match – or in some cases several games. The bets were only accepted during the real time of the football match. After the event was over, no further bets were accepted.


The venture was a major success, all goals were achieved. The number of app users was massively increased (over 300%) and in this short time, there was a real run on the game. The number of participants increased from half time to half time and the players made other users aware of the game.

30 K

Unique Players


Quiz Shows

8 k

Simultaneous Players

The minds behind

Jakob Kaya
Valentina Marafioti
Vadim Kravcenko
Dalibor Kratky
Christoph Kappler
Beni Herzig
Maurice Sinclair