Motolino GmbH

Technologies used

Typescript, React, Django, Python, Saleor, AWS


Dynamic Configurator, Progressive Web App, Admin Panel, e-Commerce Backend, Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

The Background

The Motolino GmbH is a successful Swiss Vespa retailer, who has dedicated itself with full heart to the Italian cult scooter. The three stores in Zurich, Sirnach and Basel are well attended, but Motolino realized early on that a good offline store alone is no longer enough today. In order for Motolino to continue to grow and offer its customers a unique experience, we had an innovative idea and implemented it in record time: For Motolino, we built the first Vespa configurator in Switzerland that carries as much personality and passion as Motolino itself.

The Challenge

In order to fascinate Motolino’s customers and increase sales figures in the long term, it is not enough to just build a good online shop. Everything has to be right, from the first point of contact to after-sales services. We had to ask ourselves why the customer needs a Vespa, what his wishes are and what keeps him from fulfilling them. What are his gains and pains when buying a Vespa. What are the points of contact. And above all, we had to ask ourselves: What can we offer the customer that all other Vespa retailers cannot?

The Solution

In addition to a new online presence, we have created a new, groundbreaking online shopping experience for Motolino’s customers, which is as authentic as in-store, but without the need for verbal advice, and yet is simple, intuitive and individual. We implemented a tool that does not yet exist in Switzerland for Vespas: a visual Vespa configurator. The configurator is the perfect complement to the modern and cheeky look & feel of Motolino’s new online shop: it is elegant and dynamic, giving customers the impression that the website is tailored to their personal needs.

Dynamic and flexible admin tool for Motolino

The data and the logic in the configurator are completely in the hands of Motolino, who can control it via a panel. Nothing is hardcoded, everything is dynamic and can be continuously changed and adapted to the current product range.

The Approach

In order to find out how, what and when the customer purchases, we first analyzed offline sales. Based on this information, we were able to show that the customer places a high value on custom Vespas and services. In our research we quickly found out that the purchase of a Vespa is highly advice-intensive. After the customer has decided to buy a new Vespa, further decisions have to be made, such as service, sealing, insurance etc. It was clear to us that a normal checkout would not do this job.

Digitally accompanied until payment

We developed a multi-stage checkout that advises the customer at each step and offers possible configurations and upsells. This should help Motolino customers to fully and easily purchase the right products and services. The whole process can be configured by Motolino through the Admin Panel. Leasing rates can be adjusted, service products can be added or removed.

The Result

After several sprints we were able to go online with a sophisticated configurator, which allows Motolino customers to configure their Vespa live. The single parts are animated, mounted on the selected Vespa and the price is calculated dynamically. During the checkout it is possible to buy upsales such as services or insurance. Once the order is placed, the Vespa is stored in the user dashboard. The customer will also have an overview of when the last service at Motolino was carried out and will also have the possibility to book a service directly – without any telephone calls via an online booking system. Simple, straightforward and unique! For customers and

The minds behind

Jean-Paul Saija
Jakob Kaya
Serhad Erdogan
Vadim Kravcenko
Ruslan Botnar
Oleksandr Roshchupkin
Aleksandar Petrovic
Nenad Jovic
Bogdan Djukic
Borko Mitrovic
Marijana Vukovic
Max Kardasevych