Sausalitos Holding GmbH

Technologies used

Python, Django, Ionic, RESTful API

Hotel and gastronomy

Strategy & Concept, Product Ownership, Hybrid iOS App, Admin Panel, API

4-7 Weeks

CalMex meets Crypto

Sausalitos approached mindnow to design a loyalty program that breaks the boundaries of today’s known programs. It was important to Sausalitos, to be future-proof, to ride the next wave, and not to repeat what others are already doing – thus providing their customers a unique experience when being part of their journey. Our solution: A crypto loyalty App. 


Sausalitos is a German restaurant chain that offers Californian-Mexican cuisine (CalMex) food and drinks. The first restaurant opened in Ingolstadt in 1994. At the beginning of 2018, there were 42 restaurants in Germany, and many more are to come. Sausalitos did not have any loyalty program nor did they offer their clients any additional digital services besides their services in their restaurants and bars. Now they wanted to close this digital gap once and for all and offer customers a loyalty program.


Creating a loyalty program for a restaurant is always challenging since their customers are there to drink and eat. There is no logical bridge between the restaurant’s services and digital products. We had to build one. We offered Sausalitos to fully adapt crypto-loyalty by giving out cashbacks in their own crypto currency and make the program more exciting. Management, however, had concerns about this. What happens if the price fluctuates strongly and the funds are literally lost after having been sent to their customers? We had to come up with another solution.


We agreed on creating two currencies. One fixed price currency for the transactions from and to Sausalitos “Sausalitos Points” (SP) and one cryptocurrency for the customer to trade with, hold and speculate with: “Sausalitos Coin” (SCX). Since the redeeming of collected funds is as important as collecting them, we had to build in a redemption feature: If you collected more than 10 SP you can redeem a full “Jumbo Cocktail” in any store. We’ve developed a proper backend and a hybrid app frontend for Android and iOS devices. Together with Sausalitos’ creative director, we designed the frontend according to their new 2018 corporate identity.

"Gastronomy is not very disruptive. We want to be a pioneer. Although our program has only just started, several thousand customers are already using it. Sausalitos sees itself not only as a bar but also as an entertainment and connecting platform. Among other things, this means conveying a positive attitude towards life, a good mood, and a cheerful community. And that's exactly what our loyalty app must reflect."

Dominic Cloudt


In a highly competitive industry like gastronomy, it is pivotal to stand out and create true loyalty. Despite the fluctuating crypto exchange rates, mindnow was able to develop an exciting and well-functioning loyalty program for Sausalitos that significantly increased the number of app users.


App users


Active users

+ 35.7 %

App users

The minds behind

Jean-Paul Saija
Jakob Kaya
Dalibor Kratky
Vadim Kravcenko
Valentina Marafioti