Swiss Restaurants

Technologies used

React Native, Python Backend, Firebase for Push Notifications

Hotel and gastronomy

The Background

In order to contain COVID-19, the Swiss FOPH has decided that after reopening from 11 May 2020, catering establishments are obliged to record the contact details of their guests for the purpose of identifying and notifying persons suspected of being infected. However, this protective measure poses two problems: firstly, according to data protection regulations, guests cannot be forced to provide their contact details and secondly, it involves a great deal of extra work for the restaurant owners. Dozens of boxes in the cellar with handwritten notes? Unimaginable. 

The Challenge

Our goal was to create a digital check-in solution for the Swiss catering companies. In order for our solution to be used throughout Switzerland, it had to be free of charge, easy to use, and compliant with FOPH and data protection regulations. Time was pressing, as many restaurants and cafes had already reopened their doors. Within just one week, we wanted to be on the market with our solution.

Our Solution

In close consultation with the FOPH and in compliance with data protection, we have developed the “Mindful” check-in app. Mindful makes implementing the required protection concept a child’s play (for operators and guests!). Everything that the guest needs for his restaurant visit is a mobile device. Without any registration or contact details, he can use the app to scan the QR code attached to the table – done! The guest simply agrees that a push message can be sent to his smartphone or tablet for 14 days if an increased risk of transmission is detected at the time of his stay. Only then will he be asked to provide his personal data.

Our Approach

In order to bring a functional product onto the market as quickly as possible, we worked through the nights. Our check-in solution was to be designed in such a way that it could later be applied to other industries. So we had to develop a back-end that could be adapted quickly and easily, with the ability to contact users without providing any personal information.

Our Achievements

Just 24 hours after the release, over 30 restaurants registered and in just 48 hours we already had well over 3’000 app downloads. Various media, including SonntagsBlick, the most widely read Sunday newspaper in Switzerland, and 20 Minuten, the most widely read daily newspaper, reported on the check-in solution.

+ 30

Restaurants in 24h


App Downloads in 24h

The minds behind

Vadim Kravcenko
Tijana Gava
Anton Evidenov
Filip Tomic
Bogdan Djukic
Jakob Kaya
Nenad Jovic
Benedict von-Hoffmann
Jean-Paul Saija
Raphael Jung
Christoph Kappler
Leila Strebel