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An integrated digital marketing solution for KAIA

KAIA turned to mindnow to better reach its target audience through all relevant digital marketing channels and to strengthen its online presence. It was important to them to remain true to their values of sustainability and respect towards their environment and to be more than just another online retailer for their customers.


KAIA is the Swiss Online Shop for a good life: healthy, sustainable and fair. In their product selection they pay high attention to fair trade and respect for animals, people and the resources of our world. It is a brand of Swiss Fair-Trade AG and was founded in 2013.

Being an exclusive online shop, KAIA was looking for (of course sustainable) ways to advertise its platform and to be able to reach its audience in the best possible way. Committed to KAIA’s ideals and wanting to do the best for our environment, mindnow offered the digital marketing solution KAIA needed.


The goal was clear, we just had to define a master plan. But creating a package that included the broad spectrum of digital marketing services that KAIA wanted and keeping the process as simple as possible for both parties was not an easy task.

KAIA wanted all forms of online advertising which could be relevant to their company and their target audience including of course the respective advertising on the most popular platforms. Following their philosophy, they wanted to connect with their audience in a special way, offering not only products but also tips, relevant information and additional value.

To implement such a complex solution, KAIA and mindnow agreed to work together closely and to be in continuous exchange to ensure the best results. But at the same time, this solution should facilitate the work of both parties without requiring more effort or extra time.


Instead of having to constantly redefine or modify measurements and conditions for new projects or campaigns and in order to simplify the entire management and communication process between client and agency, mindnow came up with the idea of a flexible flat rate model that was really easy to put into practice.

On the basis of this flat rate model, KAIA and mindnow agreed to define a tailor-made digital marketing strategy consisting of a monthly package based on three pillars (Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising), which included, among other services, the creation and management of a Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, Community Management, Google and Facebook Ads. Each pillar or module could work independently and be modified anytime if necessary based on the results (constantly monitored and reported).


The key and the best part of this flat rate model is its simplicity.

KAIA was happy to have a partner who could take charge of the marketing part and ease the workload. mindnow was satisfied to have found an uncomplicated way to communicate with their client and manage the whole process. Both parties also had the flexibility they had been looking for before the cooperation began.

Thanks to all these measures, the community of KAIA has increased in volume and quality and gained a place in the online world improving its presence in all relevant channels.

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