Cornèr Bank AG, Cornèrcard

Technologies used

Python, Docker, Angular + Redux, Stripe


Strategy & Concept, Product Ownership, Web Application, Partner Dashboard, Supplier Dashboard

A new way of online auctions

E-catch is a digital online auction platform where users compete to buy the products at the best price possible. Each user needs to place a bet that is higher than all the previous ones, and at the end of the auction, the users with the highest bets get the product for the price they offered.


The first version was done using external development Team, after that the project was developed by mindnow. Suppliers and the partners all needed their own dashboards to automate the win -> pay -> receive prize workflow, this was a challenge that was solved by mindnow. Together with Cornercard mindnow delivers a seamless auctioning experience with daily prizes that can be bought from CHF 1.–


There is a beautiful, complex Dashboard for the Admin users and a sophisticated on-boarding mechanism for the new users to keep them engaged and allow them to discover new products for low prices. This may sound simple, but this project introduces enormous behind the scenes complexity, while the users see only the betting button, on the other side constant processes are being run to maintain the auctions integrity and keep the show running.

One of the obstacles we had to overcome is the limited development timeframe, as the client wanted to reach the market as soon as possible, there was also a problem that some users did not want to pay after they successfully placed a winning bid.


First thing we did was sketch out the easiest flow for the user to improve his experience while placing bets, then we considered the business needs of the customer and we merged these two concepts together to form a perfect auction experience.

To allow the customer to always be aware of important KPIs we developed a highly sophisticated Dashboard where all the important numbers are visible in an easy to understand format.

We developed a step-by-step onboarding for the user to increase the total amount of bets the user places and also lower the amount of non-payment by the winners. This process is based on our extensive experience in building loyalty applications and consists of a email marketing campaign that is triggered by different actions.

Wenn sich die minds in was rein(ver)steigern, sind sie nicht mehr aufzuhalten

Luca De Santis


The client was happy with the product and the user betting doubled after we introduced “bid reminders”, the amount of non-payers also decreased after we explained to the users the whole process after their first bid.

23,5 K

App users

45,6 %

App users

35,7 %

App users

The minds behind

Jean-Paul Saija
Jakob Kaya
Vadim Kravcenko
Dalibor Kratky
Valentina Marafioti
Christoph Kappler