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A Swiss Made Cryptocurrency Watch

Together we launched the Bitcoin crypto design watch limited series. The Bitcoin watch was released in an exclusive Bitcoin-only auction on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. mindnow was responsible for the coordination and the project management with all stakeholders involved.


Chronoswiss was founded during the quartz crisis and passionately developed purely mechanical watches, ever since connecting tradition and vision. Therefore, it appears only natural to be curious and open-minded about the future. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are a dazzling aspect of our future that Chronoswiss follows and supports. With its homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss links the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of new world currencies.


Chronoswiss is a brand that stands for pioneering spirit. Following the successful implementation of Bitcoin as a payment method in the online shop, Chronoswiss has the opportunity to identify itself even more with the cryptocurrency sector thanks to Blockchain Series Watches. Chronoswiss continues to position themselves as the brand of the future and attracts a technical audience that also appreciates luxury goods of the highest quality.


After Chronoswiss developed such a great product, it was up to mindnow to make it visible. Using a multi-channel approach and detailed target audience segmentation, we launched the new crypto design watches. For this purpose, we made a special landing page, which informed about the new models and was linked to the auction page. We defined a user trip with focus on information about the products. In order to achieve the greatest reach within the crypto community, we used innovative new channels such as Reddit, YouTube Ads and industry-specific (Blockchain) advertising networks in addition to the classic online marketing channels such as Social Media and Google Ads.


We have succeeded in making the new Chronoswiss crypto watch popular in America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.


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