Technologies used

Wordpress, Javascript, Python, Selenium, Isotope

IT industry

High-Performance Frontend, Social Media Crawler, Wordpress Adapter

The Background

The Business System Integrations AG (BSI) is a software development company with 320 employees, active in the DACH region. Their product, BSI CRM, is one of the leading omnichannel platforms on the market. More than 120’000 users in companies such as Actelion, AMAG, Basler Versicherungen, Swiss Post, ERGO Direkt, Globus, Hermes, Lidl, Münchener Verein, PostFinance, Privatbank Metzler, Sprüngli or Walbusch benefit from their software every day. To keep these customers informed, BSI was looking for a solution to publish regularly updated news. An outlet that is all about their success, news and content.

The Challenge

While planning and working on a complete website redesign, it turned out that BSI urgently needed a way to publish regularly updated news to their customers. Their current website is not designed for short-term, fast news and content. As we did not want to rush with the website redesign, we developed a concept that would solve the problems of BSI without interfering with the website, but that in the medium to long term would allow us to merge this project with the redesigned website.

The Approach

The goal was, besides continuing with the redesign of BSI’s main website relaunch, to develop their newsroom as fast and as agile as possible, since we were aiming for an extremely short time-to-market. In just 10 days, we wanted to go from Product Concept to Visual Design and finally Development. Why? Well, the sooner we go online, the faster we can learn from the market and use these insights for improvement and ultimately also for the development of the complete website redesign.

The Solution

To stick with the aimed extremely short time to market, we decided to use a technology that already offers a certain scope. Through our longstanding experience with WordPress, we knew that it was the tool that offers the basis for our ambitious time targets. On that basis we were able to design a custom frontend, heavily modify the WordPress instance and implement a social media scraper – and that just in 10 days.

Our scraper listens for posts of their employees with the hashtag #bsilive on Social Media Networks. Those will get scraped to our WordPress and published as post, nicely visualized. Additionally BSI can publish rich articles with any given hashtag. All of these posts are being shown on one news stream on BSI’s homepage, where users then can filter between the hashtags.

It is wonderful to realize ideas and visions with mindnow. They are immediately available as sparring partners, take up the ideas, improve them - and implement them cleanly. Extra efforts seem natural. Sensational!

Zeno Hug

The Result

In just 7 days we created a concept, developed a design language, created the visual screen design, developed the completely dynamic website and implemented social media scraper. Never before has BSI been able to release a project so agile and fast. It is also a novelty for them to release a product with a reduced scope and then develop it further iteratively, based on the feedback and experience we gather. BSI Live, a quick start into a long-term cooperation.

The minds behind

Jakob Kaya
Vadim Kravcenko
Ruslan Botnar
Fedor Kiryakov