Pinterest is the platform for discovering ideas and a source of inspiration for many. But for a long time, companies in Switzerland were denied the opportunity to advertise on Pinterest at all. Recently, however, the advertising opportunities have also been available in Switzerland.

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When it comes to digital marketing, many entrepreneurs think of Google, Facebook and Instagram. But there are also other platforms which should not be neglected for a balanced and successful digital marketing strategy. One of these “insider tips” is Pinterest. But what is Pinterest actually?

You can actually think of Pinterest as a visual search engine. But instead of looking for answers, you are looking for inspiration and ideas. Accordingly, users do not search very much for brands: 97% of search queries do not contain a brand name. But there are still reasons to be present as a brand on Pinterest.

Why ads on Pinterest?

The advantage of Pinterest is that users do not find advertising annoying. As a brand, you help users to discover new products in order to turn their ideas into reality. For example, 77% of users state that they have discovered a new brand or a new product on Pinterest. And a full 89% say they have used Pinterest as inspiration for a recent purchase. Accordingly, many studies also point to an increased willingness to purchase on Pinterest compared to users of conventional social media platforms.

For whom are ads on Pinterest worthwhile?

Of course, this cannot be answered in principle. It is known that the platform has been used by women to a large extent, but men also seem to be discovering the platform more and more for themselves, as the latest user figures show. The target group is also very young: 73% of Pinterest users are between 18 and 44 years old.

The dominant sectors on Pinterest are home, fashion and DIY. But the beauty industry and cooking are also strongly represented. Pinterest is definitely recommended as an advertising platform for companies from these sectors but can also have potential for other sectors. However, this should be thoroughly examined in advance.

How do you advertise on Pinterest?

The starting point of an advertising campaign on Pinterest is the so-called “Promoted Pin”. A promoted pin looks like a normal pin, which contains an image or video, a description (important to increase the relevance of the ad) and the URL of a target page.

Source: Pinterest

When creating the campaign, you can choose one of three marketing objectives: Build awareness, drive consideration or grow your sales. Regardless of which marketing goal you choose, advertising a pin extends the reach and more users can see the pin on Pinterest. Users can also re-pin advertisements. As a result, the content also spreads organically.

How do you set up a Pinterest ad campaign?

Before you can create an advertising campaign on Pinterest, you must first create an advertiser account. For this, you need to specify country, currency and billing address. Then you can define the campaign parameters: price structure (e.g. CPC), lifetime spend limit or daily spend limit.

Pinterest Campaign Manager

Source: Pinterest

The real excitement, however, comes with the definition of the ad groups. Here, Pinterest allows, for example, targeting by age or device, the type of placement or the definition of the duration. Once you have defined the ad group, you can select or create the Promoted Pin and the campaign is ready to go.

However, it is important, once you have gained some initial insights, to continuously optimize the campaign and the pins. However, this requires experience and know-how of best practices, which you build up bit by bit. Through constant, data-oriented optimization, Pinterest can achieve results that make even classic digital marketing channels such as Google and Facebook look old.

Are you interested in promoting your brand outside the mainstream social media channels and thereby increasing your brand awareness? We would be happy to help you plan and successfully implement your Pinterest advertising campaign.

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