After a party in the Zurich Dance Club Flamingo 300 people have to be quarantined – theoretically. But contact tracing failed! Many of the guests registered under a false name and could therefore not be contacted. This means that the chain of infection cannot be traced and interrupted. That’s why we have added an important function to our free Check-in App Mindful: Now it is possible to verify the contact details of guests with a Face-Scan.

Every third contact information was incorrect

At the Superspreader event at the Zurich Club Flamingo on 21 June, one-third of the visitors obviously gave false names or fake e-mail addresses. Tracing was thus hardly possible. So how can clubs and bars ensure in future that the authenticity of their guests’ contact details can be guaranteed and that these can be transmitted quickly and correctly to the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health) in the event of a risk?

Face-Scan for identity proof

Mindful App Face-Scan

To ensure the verification of contact data and to prevent guests from checking in with a false name, the Mindful App now offers a check-in variant with Face-Scan. For this, guests must complete a one-time KYC (Know Your Customer). This involves checking the authenticity of the data using the identity card and Face-Scan to provide proof of identity. The implemented ID-Check is a product of the software provider ti&m and is one of the most innovative onboarding technologies in Switzerland.

Customized Contact-Tracing

The Mindful App was originally developed to provide Swiss restaurants with a quick and easy check-in solution to help them implement the BAG requirements for successful contact tracing without violating data protection. The idea: When a QR Code is scanned, only the ID address of the guest’s mobile device is stored and in case of risk a push message is sent – without any personal contact data. In order to offer individual solutions not only to restaurants but also to other companies, which meet the different risk levels and requirements of the BAG, the app has been expanded step by step. The app now offers three different options.

Mindful App

3 Options

  • Light: Without contact data obligation
    The guest does not need to provide contact information after check-in and is tracked only by ID address. In case of risk he will be informed by push notification and can decide whether he wants to provide his contact data. With this option, the contact data is voluntary. The (available) contact data is forwarded to the BAG for contact tracing.
  • Medium: with contact data obligation
    For a successful check-in, the guest must provide his or her contact details (first name, last name and telephone number). The mobile phone number is verified via an SMS message. In case of risk, the user receives a push notification and is informed about the risk. The contact details are forwarded to the BAG for contact tracing purposes.
  • High: With Face-Scan NEW
    The guest must complete a so-called KYC once (Know Your Customer). Analogous to digital onboarding at banks, the authenticity of the data is verified by means of identity cards and face scan to provide proof of identity. The mobile phone number is verified via SMS message. In case of risk the user receives a push notification and is informed about the risk case. The verified contact details are forwarded to the BAG for contact tracing.

Number of new infections increases again

The latest stats and figures show that the coronavirus is spreading more strongly again in Switzerland. This makes it urgent that people can be contacted quickly and reliably in the event of a risk and sent to quarantine. Superspreader events, such as the one in the Zurich Nightclub Flamingo, show that complete and correct guest lists are important in the fight against the virus. With the Mindful App, pens, papers and incorrect contact details are now a thing of the past!

Register now at www.mindfulapp.io and become one of hundreds of already registered companies that are doing their part to fight the corona virus.


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